How I got Started in Photography

    Hello everyone! Welcome to the Rebecca Tynes Photography Blog. Blogging is new for me, as is this business, but I am excited to dig in! As this is my first post, I will tell you a little about my photography experience and my vision. I have always loved taking pictures and capturing life's moments. Before smart phones were a thing, I walked around with a small pink digital canon powershot camera taking pictures at school and all of our marching band doings. (Yes I was a band geek.)  And after that it was my iPhone. I didn't discover I wanted to actually do photography professionally until my own wedding. I loved everything about what my wedding photographer was doing, and I knew I had to be apart of that. I got so obsessed watching "How to" videos on youtube before I even got my first canon DSLR in April of this year for my birthday. Once I got that and started shooting couples, (which were mostly volunteered friends) I knew this was the business for me.

    Since April, I have been learning so much, and I have discovered my true vision for Rebecca Tynes Photography. I am a natural light photographer, and I want my photos to portray peoples love stories to the fullest.  The style of my photos would be considered light, dreamy, and natural.  I love the creamy, soft look and I want my photos to be timeless and romantic. 

      The photo below is a picture I took of a part of Darnall Colonial Farms In Maryland. I recently had an awesome photography mentorship here, and on the next blog post I will be sharing more about my experience there, and some great things I learned! 

Stay Tuned, Rebecca